Paremata School

Board of Trustees

Welcome to the Paremata School Board of Trustees portal on the school's website. In this area you can access information on the work of the school's board.

The board welcomes feedback from the community to help better represent the community's views.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES ELECTIONS were last completed in June 2016. 

BOT 2016-2019
Congratulations to Russell Cooke, Stephanie MacLean, Julie Morris, Kate Calvert and Brendan Nally for being elected to the new Board of Trustees.

A big thank you to Michelle Griffin for all her great work as Returning Officer and to the outgoing members Bryan Middleton, Paulette O'Reilly and Nicky Aldridge Masters for all their hard work in the last term. It was fabulous working with you all.

Feb 2018 - New Parent Reps on the Board of Trustees

A very warm welcome to our three new parent reps on the BOT. Katherine Stokes replaces Kate Calvert and Kylie Wihapi and Janet Collier-Taniela were nominated as our Maori and Pacific Island representatives. All three parents bring a wealth of experience and wisdom and we look forward to working with you.

The board holds regular meetings and their role is one of governance rather than management of the school.  This is a great opportunity to become involved in our school on the following dates in 2019. 
Monday 18 February
Monday 25 March
Monday 13 May
Monday 24 June
Monday 5 August
Monday 16 September
Monday 4 November
Monday 9 December 
More information can be found at www.trustee‐