Paremata School

 Our whole school production on

The Purple Sea

 is taking place on

Tuesday 22nd,

Wednesday 23rd

and Thursday 24th September

at 6:30pm

in the Paremata School Hall.


Check out our Purple Sea adverts below.



The Purple Sea!
The Digital Group have been working hard to produce advertisements for the Purple Sea. The following ad was made by Harrison, Logan, Cameron, Dylan and Josh.
This ad was made by Eamonn, Aidan, Ben and Will.
Weston, Lenu, Lance and Bailey helped the younger children make their ads by assisting with direction and filming.
Here's one made by Harry, Jake, Ollie and Finn.

Macey, Thomina, Maya, Erin and Chantelle made this ad for The Purple Sea.

Nathaniel, Spencer, Ben, Logan and DeAngelo's production ad.
Siobhan, Caleb, Liam, Owen and Lance made an advertisement where they travel across the world...


 Here's an ad made by Ryan, Paora, Will, Sam and Neo.


 Weston, Jacob, Logan, Bailey and Lenu completed their Purple Sea ad.