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Tuesday 20th February 2018 
Ko te Ratu ko tēnei rā te tua Tekau o Hui-tanguru
Term 1 ~ Week 4 ~ 2018


Kupu o te wiki  

Mā te aha i tēnā!: Better than nothing!

Mā te aha i tēnā! 
Better than nothing!

Kupu o te ra 

taupoki(tia): to dig

taupokitia te oneone e te paruauru.
The soil was dug by the gardener.
- this is an example of a passive sentence

 E taupoki ana ia i te māra.
She's digging the garden.
- this is an example of an active sentence


Clarification of Playground rules

Play-fighting: This is not permitted (not allowed) at Paremata School.

Tree-climbing: This is permitted (allowed) apart from the resident's side of the field which is out of bounds anyway.

Also, please make sure you show respect to our Teacher Aides when they are out in the playground. If they give you instructions/reminders it is expected that you would follow these just as you would from a teacher.

Thank you.

The Long Jump Pit/Sand Pit

Kia ora Everyone,

As we have Run Jump Throw coming up later this term, our lovely caretaker Ian has re-designed the long jump pit so that it is at ground height and therefore easier to run up and jump. This section has been roped off so that it is kept at the right height for P.E practise sessions. If you are playing in the sandpit at break or lunch time, please can you keep out of the roped off area and just use the section at the end of the Long Jump pit. 
Thank you kindly.

Bricks in the Peace Garden

Kia ora koutou,

The bricks in the Peace Garden are not to be removed to be used for making houses or forts under the trees. Please show respect to school property.

Athletics Trials Day permission slips

If you are a Year 5-8 student and are wishing to trial for our school athletics team,  can you please hand in your permission slip to the office at the latest by this Wednesday 21st February.

 If it is not in the office by 3 p.m. that day, you simply miss out to trial. 
We will be going to Adventure Park on Wednesday 14th March. 

Thanks, Ms Burn

Hello guys,

A pretty good start to the year. Just remember that the library is not just a hang out place at lunchtime, as there is just not the room in the library. There are still a few books to come back from the Summer Reading Programme, so get them back as soon as you can please.
There are a couple of displays up 
- SPLASH INTO A GOOD BOOK - promoting good reads
- NZ MADE & NZ AUTHORS - promoting books by NZ authors
Don't forget that these books can be borrowed, that is the point of them.
See you soon,

Duty Teachers

First half: Rebecca and Mrs Haswell

First half: Miss Milne and Whaea Jenna

New books at the Wharepukapuka


Toad Delight                                                               by Morris Gleitzman
Taupo Blows                                                               by Doug Wilson
The Midnight Gang                                                    by David Walliams
Birthday Boy                                                               by David Baddiel
Kid Normal                                                                  by James Greg

The Pirate Problem                                                    by Jennifer Oxley

 Zeke Meeks vs his phony cousin                             by D.L.Green

Towers Falling                                                              by Jewell Rhodes
Whimsy and Woe                                                        by Rebecca McRitchie

Weekly Notices 



  • Yr 5-8 Wheels Day.  
  • Take home Subway envelopes (starting week 4 - 21st February). 
  • Sausage sizzle available for $2.00
  • Juicies ($1) limit of two juicies per person, Cookies ($1.50) and Muffins ($1.50) for sale. 
  • Yr 7-8 science club at lunch
  • Hand in your Subway envelope 
  • Yr 1-4 Wheels day.           
  • Kapa Haka at 9:00-9:30 for Year 1-4 and 9:30-10:30 for Years 4-8  

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