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Tuesday 14th August 2018

Ko te Rātū ko tēnei ra te tekau ma whā o Here-turi-kōkā
Term 3 - Week 4 - 2018

Kupu o te wiki

Ka hoki mai! / KHM
Be right back / BRB / Will return              
Ka hoki mai!        Be right back

Literally ‘Will return!’

Kupu o te ra

ia rā, ia rā: every day

Ia rā, ia rā, tunu ai au i te hapa.
Every day, (each day) I cook dinner.

 (day) can be replaced with any word appropriate to the context: wiki (week), marama (month), tau (year), Rāapa (Wednesday), etc.

Repetition like this is often used for emphasis.


Remember to come to choir at 2 p.m. today  Room 6. Who knows their words? Monoi Minoi, Bonse Abe and Can't Stop the Feeling.Tickets are on sale from this week in the office for the concert at 5 p.m. on Wednesday September 19th at the Michael Fowler Centre.

Mrs Bassett and Mrs Sutton

Sausage Sizzle and Juicies - Change of day this week.

Due to school being closed on Wednesday for Strike action, sausage sizzle and juicy sale will now take place on Thursday this week.


Kia ora e te whanau.
Hopefully you are all able to access the Matific Games using your usernames and passwords given out by your teachers. 
Go to to sign in. 

You can login and practice today (Monday) and then the offical Games start on Tuesday 14th August.

Book Club

Here is the list of people who have signed up for the Book Club. Our first session is today. We will meet you at the library at 12:45pm. 
Ivy - Rm 4
Isabella - Rm 10
Reuben - Rm 12
Saisha - Rm 10
Freya - Rm 4
Petra - Rm 11
Dali - Rm 2
Rex - Rm 2
Harry - Rm 4
Maddy - Rm 4
Luka - Rm 4
Johanna - Rm 11
Krystal - Rm 2
Lily - Rm 4
Lukas - Rm 3
Gray - Rm 11
Nelle - Rm 11
Madden - Rm 11
Harry - Rm 10

Leo, Amber and Kaia
(Ruma Kea).

Gala donations for this week

Checklist should have gone home. Week 4 - NAIL POLISH. Request for new nail polish bottles to use in our new Nail Painting stall. Any missed Mystery Bottles can be added too.These can be taken straight to your classroom. ** Look out for the Gala Donation box ** The class with the most donations (per capita) will win a free BBQ lunch in week 10.

GAla poster winners

GALA POSTER winners for 2018. These people were the winners of a $20 gift card for North City shopping centre. The overall design winner was from Year 7 & 8 (bottom right) and they got another $20 gift card from our sponsor Phoenix Facilitation and Hazel's picture will be used for our advertising - Congratulations!!!

Pipis & Pumas Netball 

Netball practice for Pipis and Pumas will be on court if fine and in hall if raining today (Thursday) 16 August. Come along after lunch at 12.45pm.  Look out for Carly and Stephanie. 

How can we help animals club.

Kia ora e te whanau 
We are going to be making a 'how can we help animals club?' We will draw and learn about animals. It will be for 10 people on Thursdays. We will have a poster on Ruma Kea's door on the window. We will meet outside of Ruma Kea at lunchtime and you also have to bring a piece of paper and a pencil. 
Thanks ,Amber, Marley and Isabella.

ICAS Maths exams with Matua Pythagorus. 
Years 3-5 Tuesday 14 August @ 1:30pm in the Library.
Then Yr 6-8 will be on Thursday 16 August.
9:00am Year 6
11:00am Year 7
1:30pm Year 8
Please bring a sharp pencil eraser and ruler.


Picture Books:
Weka's waiata                                                       by Nikki Slade-Robinson
This little kiwi went to market                                by Renee Chin
Macca the alpaca                                                  by Matt Cosgrove
Grandma Z                                                            by Daniel Gray-Barnett
Manu haututu                                                         by June Peka                                   
Fiction:   Book of the week  Animalcolm life as an animal by David Baddiel
The Caldera                                                           by John Flanagan
Fabio the world's greatest                                      by Laura James
Cool school stories                                                 by Yvette Poshoglian

Non Fiction:
Dinosaur dictionary (567.9)
Bugs dictionary (595.7) 
Human Body (612)                                                 by Dipasha Choudhury
How renewable energy works (333.79)                  by Geoff Barker
The Egyptian empire (932)                                      by Ellis Roxburgh
Senior Fiction:
The rise of wolves                                                   by Kerr Thomson


Duty Teachers
First Half: Rebecca and Ms Kamphuis
Second Half: Miss Milne and Whaea Jenna.


Weekly Events 

   Yr 1-4 Wild Animals Club - 12:45pm on the mezzanine.

   Yr 2-3 Book Club -  12:45pm on the mezzanine.
      P.E with Theresa for Yr 1-4 students

         Sausage Sizzle - $2 each - order in your class each morning, or when you are signing in the at          the office. (This will happen on Thursday this week due to the strike).
          Juicies, cookies and muffins for sale.     Juicies = $1 Muffins = $1.50 Cookies = $1.50  (This will happen on Thursday this week due to the strike).
         Take home your Subway envelope.
         P.E with Theresa for Yr 1-4 students.

        Hand in your Subway envelope.


Week 4 - Wednesday 15th August - School closed due to Teacher Strike.


Senior Council suggestion  - Padlet 

Remember that Green padlets have been approved and the Red ones not approved (and why).  Please leave your suggestions white so we can see which ones we haven't discussed yet.