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Friday 24th November 2017
Ko te Ramare ko tēnei rā te rua tekau ma wha
o whiringa-ā-rangi
Term 4 ~ Week 6 ~ 2017


Kupu o te wiki

Wāwau ana!: That's cray cray! / That's crazy!

Wāwau ana rātou!
They’re cray cray!


Kupu o te ra

Hakihea: December

I te marama o Hakihea, i terea e mātou mai i te Whanganui-a-Tara atu ki Akaroa.
In December, we (3+ exclusive) sailed from Wellington to Akaroa.
- this is an example of a passive sentence

Another name for December is Tīhema.


Mexican Multi-Challenge Day

You all know we have Multi-Challenge Day coming up on Wednesday 29th November.  We are going to change it to Mexican Multi-Challenge Day. We are asking you if you could please wear the Mexican flag colours which are red, white and green (you could wear all three of these colours or just one). As you have heard there has been a big earthquake in Mexico & those poor people need some money for food, water, and shelter. We are asking from the bottom of our hearts if you can PLEASE bring a gold coin donation. We will also be having a competition to guess how many marbles are in the jar for one dollar & the winner will win a prize. All of this money will go towards supporting the people of Mexico to rebuild their lives. Even though they are not in the news anymore they are still struggling to survive!

Thanks, Tanika, Danielle and Josh from Room 7



Christmas is nearly here! It is time to decorate the Christmas tree with lovely and sparkly tinsels… WAIT TINSELS?!       They’re not good for the environment!

Here are facts we found on Wikipedia

Tinsel, is a type of decorative material that mimics the effect of ice, consisting of thin strips of sparkling material attached to thread. The modern production of tinsel typically involves plastic, and is used particularly to decorate Christmas trees.

Click here to learn more. Here are some more

The students of Rūma Kōkako think it’s bad for the environment because it can blow into the sea. It is not just about stopping the use of plastic bags, but it’s also about stopping the use of tinsels and other plastic related products. We need to put an end to all these plastic products.

Alternative plan

You can make paper chains instead, or use the leftover paper chains from the production. What do you think we should do as an enviroschool?

By: Dylan, Ian, and Jason from Rūma Kōkako.

Sticky's Garden.

Ruma Ruru have made a bug hotel and Ruma Kotare have let us put this in Sticky’s Garden (near Ruma Kotare). A bug hotel is a container full of things to attract insects and bugs. Oursis made of wood. It is full of materials of all shapes and sizes and holes for insects to hide.Please respect the bug hotel near Ruma Kotare in Sticky’s garden. You can look at it butplease don’t touch it. Please look after the hotel because we want lots of bugs to comecrawling around. Bugs are interesting to look at and good for the garden so we want themto come to the hotel! Please take care of it.

Rowan, Ryker and Logan, Ruma Ruru.

Kia Ora,

We are 5 students from Ruma Kotuku. We are hoping to raise awareness for Make-a-Wish. This is a charity to help people with life-threatening issues and make their dreams come true. We are going to raise awareness by hosting a coloring competition. The competition will start next Monday the 20th of November and finish Monday the 4th of December (two weeks later). You can get your colouring in sheet from the library. There will be prizes per syndicate so if you want to win some sweet prizes like big boxes of favorite's and vouchers, GET COLOURING! 
Many thanks, Joshy Hunt, James Cochrane, Michael Gallagher, Sam Maclean and Caleb Burrows.
Ruma KotukuRoom 7



Pāuatahanui Inlet is the only large estuary wetland left in the lower half of New Zealand's North Island.

It is under threat from three things — too much sediment, pollution and eutrophication - that’s a big word which means increasing concentration of plant nutrients which can be harmful to the Inlet. A fourth problem may be from the local effects of climate change, which could include a rise in sea level, more rainfall and increase in the amount of storms. The Guardians of Pauatahanui Inlet are working hard to make look after the Inlet.



Picture Books:
Grandpa's cardigan                                     by Joy Watson
Bad dog, Flash                                            by Ruth Paul
We're off to find a kiwi                                 by Juliette MacIver
A new shaker                                              by Jill MacGregor
My dog mouse                                            by Eva Lindstom
Glitch                                                           by Michelle Worthington

Fiction - series
Sweet dreams, sewer rats                           by Geronimo Stilton
Operation: secret recipe                               by Geronimo Stilton 

The water castle                                            by Megan Frazer Blakemore
 Alien vs bad guy                                            by Aaron Blabey
Epic adventure (kind of)                                 by Liz Pichon
Insides out                                                      by Zack Zombie
Magnus Chase and the ship of the dead       by Rick Riordan
The island                                                      by Max Brooks
Letters from the lighthouse                           by Emma Carroll
The charmed children of Rookskill                by Janet S Fox
My evil twin is a supervillain                          by David Solomons

Senior Fiction:
The Matilda effect                                           by Ellie Irving
The explorer                                                    by Katherine Rundell
Fly me home                                                    by Polly Ho-Yen


Duty teachers

First half: Jenny and Sally 
Second half: Ms Milne and Rachel


Calling all Environmentalist! Environews wants your stories!

 Just follow these steps
1. Write about a topic of interest
2. No more than 110 words
3. End with a question or statement to create further interest
4. Add 2 photos
5. Plus your Name and Room number.
6. We will place one a week (in the order they are received) in the newsletter and on 'What's On Top?'
7. Let's make a difference.
P.S. Mrs Haswell retains editing rights.

Writers Group for this term. 

Timetable for Writers Group for Term 4

9.15-10 Year 8

10-10.30 Year 2-4

11-11.45 Year 5

1.30- 2.15 Year 7

2.15- 3.00 Year 6

Many thanks  Mrs Leggett


Weekly Notices 



  • Yr 5-8 Wheels Day.  
  • Take home Subway envelopes.
  • Sausage sizzle available for $2.00.
  • Juicies ($1), Cookies ($1.50) and Muffins ($1.50) for sale. 
  • Yr 7-8 science club at lunch
  • Hand in your Subway envelope.
  • Yr 1-4 Wheels day.           
  • Kapa Haka at 9:00-9:30 for Year 1-3 and 9:30-10:30 for Years 4-8.

Wharepukapuka Helpers

Monday Ruma Kakapo (13)

Tuesday Rūma Kereru (5)
Wednesday Rūma Piwakawaka (6)
Thursday Rūma Kotuku (7)
Friday Rūma Pukeko (8)

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