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Wednesday 16th October 2019

Ko te Rāapa ko tēnei rā te tekau ma ono o Whiringa-a-Nuku

Term 4 - Week 1 - 2019

Kupu O Te Wiki

mōhio(tia): know

Kei te mōhio ngā tauira ki te reo Māori.
The students know the Māori language.

Kupu O Te Rā                                                        

Haumia-tiketike: Guardian spirit of wild food

Ko Haumia-tiketike te atua o te aruhe he kai matua nā te Māori.
Haumia-tiketike is the god of the fernroot, a staple food of the Māori.
- this is an example of an equative sentence


Senior disco

On Friday the 1st of November, Term 4 there will be a spooky year 7&8 disco in the hall. The theme will be Halloween. We will have music, food and activities with prizes. You will need to pay your entry fee at least one week in advance at lunchtime in room 8. The disco will start at 7:30 and will end at 9ish. 

Feel free to dress up in ghostly outfits. . 


-The Senior Council


Please hand in any sold or unsold raffle tickets and butts THIS WEEK There are still tickets available if you would like to sell some more. Remember there is a prize for the person that sells the most. (only half the books have been returned)

Writers Group

Times to be confirmed for term 4.

Image result for subway

I would like to inform you that there will be NO Subway lunches delivered on the following Fridays:    Friday 18th October                            Friday 25th October      Friday 1st November 

Respect the safety of others - During morning tea and lunchtime play, please WALK around the corners of our buildings. 
Respect our plants - Walk around our new plants by the year 3 and 4 court.


Paremata School SPRING GALA this Saturday 19th October! 11am to 3pm

Look out for Harley Motorbike rides, Electric bikes, Ride on cars, Bouncy castles, Face painting, Nail art & more. 

Library NEWS

Just a reminder that the library will be closed on Friday as the gala cakes will be on display. Classes will be given a time to come and view them.


Going to school                               by Grace Jones                                        372.24

Rainbows                                          by Martha Rustad                                  551.46

Why we eat vegetables                   by Beth Reinke                                       613.2


Nga atua=Maori gods                    by Robyn Kahukiwa                                 K

Te Haka a Tanerore                        by Robyn Kahukiwa                                 K

Little kiwi, the cool mama              by Bob Darroch                                        D     

NEW DISPLAY -  The kiwi 

Save our Kiwi  Month - October is Save Kiwi Month

There are heaps of ways to get involved, during the month and also throughout the year. There are lots of ways to help save our national icon. Save Kiwi Month is the national fundraising campaign led by Kiwis for kiwi. All New Zealanders are urged to join and fight ton save our national icon.  Below are a couple of great activities you can participate in.

Quest for Kiwi

Join the Quest for Kiwi and let us know what signs of kiwi you discover. Everyone from experts to novices are welcome to join in. There are many ways to identify kiwi – from their calls, feathers, probe holes, burrows, poo or footprints. Take your smartphone or camera with you so that you can record the evidence, then upload it to the Quest for Kiwi page. This will help us (and others) to verify your sighting so that we make sure we get things right. 

Quest for Kiwi is a national programme being launched in partnership with Kiwis for kiwi through iNaturalist. It aims to clarify where kiwi are present and absent, providing a better understanding of where conservation efforts are most needed to ensure kiwi are preserved for future generations. Get involved in Quest for Kiwi 

Other great ways to join in are:-

Raise funds – Whether you’re a business, an individual, or a school there many ways you can raise funds for kiwi.

Participate in the classroom – Kiwis for kiwi has created resources for teachers and students to explore and learn about kiwi.

Support a local kiwi initiative – Find out who is working to save kiwi in your community and lend them a hand!

Sign up to the Kiwi calling newsletter – Keep up to date with all that is happening with kiwi conservation.


Duty Teachers
1st Half: Rebecca and Ms Kamphuis
2nd Half: Miss Milne and Whaea Jenna


Weekly Events 


  • Yr 7&8 Technology


  • Year 5-8 Wheels Day
  • Ice-creams $1 one ice-cream per person (Jucies are available for dairy free students ONLY). Muffins $1.50 and cookies $1.50 
  • Sausages - $2


  • Year 1-4 Wheels Day
  • Kapa Haka  Year 1-4 @ 9:00 - 9:30am
  • Kapa Haka  Year 5-8 @ 9:30 - 10:30am 

Term 4

  • Friday 18th October Bring in your decorated cake in cake box to the Library
  • Friday 18th October Bring in homemade fudge to the school office
  • Saturday 19th October Paremata School Gala, 11am to 3pm