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Welcome to Wave TV 2019!

Welcome to Wave TV at Paremata School. This is the 9th year for Wave TV and I think we are getting very proficient at telling our stories in this way. Each episode of Wave TV contains three stories made by students, teachers and teacher aids across the school.

The episodes this year will be anchored by students from across the school, beginning with any keen year 8s. First the anchors view the stories for their episode, then they write an anchor script to connect the three stories. Each episode has an intro and an outro with credits for the people involved in creating that episode.

The anchors and student crew (director and camera person) film in front of the green-screen. Then they edit the episode by choosing images or clips to sit behind the anchors. They add music, transitions, titles and sound effects where required. The crew crop shots where needed and try to level out the sound across the different sequences. The editors' job is to make the episode look as smooth and well put together as possible.

We hope you enjoy watching our episodes!
Caroline (Wave TV Teacher)

Wave TV Logos

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The anchors for each episode choose logos while they edit and it's great to have many to choose from. They'll try to use different ones for each episode. Please email me any Wave TV logos you've made ( and I'll pop them into this slideshow and into episodes of Wave TV. Thanks! Caroline