Paremata School

Welcome to Wave TV!

Welcome to Wave TV at Paremata School. This is the 10th year we have been using Wave TV to tell our school stories.

Stories are created by tamariki and their kaiako to reflect what is happening in our school or our community. Episodes are scripted and anchored by students from across the school. First the anchors view the stories for their episode, then they write an anchor script to connect stories. They also chase up any stories for their episode that are still in production.

The director and camera person for each episode film the anchors in front of our green-screen. Then the anchors and crew edit the episode. Editing includes choosing images or clips to sit behind the anchors, adding music, transitions, titles and sound effects, cropping shots and levelling out the sound across the episode. The editors' job is to make the episode look as smooth and well put together as possible.

Thanks for watching!
Caroline (Wave TV Teacher)