Paremata School

Flying Start

Friday afternoon visits - for 4 year olds

'Flying Start' is a programme which we run here at Paremata School to help make the transition to school as smooth as possible for our upcoming New Entrants.  We aim for this programme to provide an insight into the way a New Entrant/Year 1 class might operate, as well as enabling you and your child to get to know some of the other children and parents who are going to join the Paremata School community at a similar time to you. 

The programme varies from week to week, as we seek to introduce the children to a range of activities from across the school day.  This includes familarising them with the layout of the school and facilities such as our school library. 2 or 3 children who are already members of our New Entrant /Year 1 classes act as helpers each week. Flying Start runs on Fridays from 1.40pm until 2.45pm.  Families will be sent an email invitation with all the required information.

Please note: that a parent or caregiver is required to stay with your child for the duration of the Flying Start programme.   (not suitable to bring along siblings to these afternoons)

School Visits Children beginning school during the course of the year.
We also offer your child 3 school visits in addition to Flying Start (normally in the 3 weeks prior to your child beginning school).  These visits are designed to cover each part of the school day and to enable your child to interact with their new teacher and classmates. You are required to remain at school whilst your child does these visits, but we ask you to gradually reduce the amount of time you spend in the classroom with each visit, as it is vital that the teacher sees how your child operates without you there for support. You are welcome to visit our school library during this time, or to sit and read/work/relax in our staffroom.  This is also a good time to sort out stationery and ensure all the essential forms for school have been completed.  You will be contacted by your classroom teacher to arrange times for these visits.

Children starting at the beginning of the school year We don't have school visits for students starting at the beginning of the year because we don't yet know who your child's teacher or new classmates will be.  Instead we use Flying Start as an opportunity to give your child a taste of school life.  At the end of the year, you will be sent a class list for the class your child will be in next year.  This will indicate who their teacher and classmates will be.