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Wednesday 28th October 2020 

Ko te Rāapa ko tēnei ra te rua tekau ma waru ō Whiringa-ā-nuku 

Term 4 - Week 3 - 2020

Believe in Yourself
Attitude Determines Altitude

Kupu o te wiki

Whakapaingia te ruma.

Tidy the room.

Kupu O Te Ra

Rārangi mai.

Line up here.

I tēnei ra (Today - Rāapa)

Genesis G, Lily C, Nathaniel O, Kees T

Apopo (Tomorrow - Rapare)

Alex M Pm/Potiki H Am, Zoe A, Nikolai T

Big Fort Playground Rules 

For your own safety and the safety of others please look after each other and make sensible and positive choices on the playground.

Please do not:

  • climb on top of or up inside the slide.

  • jump from the high levels of the playground.

  • climb on top of any of the playground equipment frames.

  • pick up the bark for any reason.

  • take balls anywhere onto the fort area.


We will be holding a disco for the senior syndicate on the 30th of October. The theme is scary movies so we would love it if you at least tried to dress up in the spookiest outfit you can find. The disco will start at 7:00 and end at around 9:00. Entry will be $5, no actual tickets will be sold, your name will be written down on a sheet of paper, so as soon as you walk in, your name will be crossed off. You won’t have to worry about losing your ticket again. You can pay at the office and must be brought before Thursday 29thIf you would like, bring some extra money as we will be selling food and drinksThere will also be music and competitions with prizes. We look forward to seeing you there. Also, if you have any song suggestions please just let, Lara, Eamonn, Lily C, Alesana or Dylan know.

Thanks - The Senior Council

It's Term 4! Don't Forget to wear 

Te Whare Manahau. 

Ruma Kākāriki is starting to finish our house of resilience. It is a project which will take most of the term. THIS week it is OUT OF BOUNDS as we are starting to paint the inside and outside. We are also repotting our seedlings and adding  garden decorations.

When it is complete, classes will be invited to have a visit but until then PLEASE RESPECT the mahi and effort Ian and our Tamariki have and are, putting into this.   Look at the progress from a sensible distance only. I know students at this school will support us by respecting People, Property and Safety.
Thank you. Mrs McCarthy. 

Duty Teachers
1st Half: Emma and Mrs Va'a
2nd Half: Rachel and Juliet

Weekly Events 


  • Yr 7&8 Technology

  • Ice-Cream $1, Cookies and Muffins $1.50 (juicies only for dairy-free and gluten-free students only $1)
  • $2 Sausage sizzle
  • Year 5-8 Wheels Day

  • Year 1-4 Wheels Day
  • Subway
  • Kapa Haka  Year 1-4 @ 9:00 - 9:30am
  • Kapa Haka  Year 5-8 @ 9:35 - 10:30am 

Term 4 Events

Week 3 

             Monday to Friday - Kahikatea day trips to Heart for Art

Week 4

              Tuesday 3rd of November  - Photos - Ruma Kōtare and Hihi, Netball teams, Year 8's, Senior Council and Band       

Week 5    

    • Tuesday 10th November

      • Parumoana Athletics (Yrs 5-8) - (Pp Thursday 12th.)

    • Thursday 12th November

      • Rhythm Interactive Show

    • Friday 13th November

      • TOD - Teacher Only Day

October is Save Kiwi Month. There are heaps of ways to get involved, during the month and also throughout the year. There are lots of ways to help save our national icon

Save Kiwi Month is the national fundraising campaign led by Kiwis for kiwi. All New Zealanders are urged to join the fight to save our national icon.

A lot of great information can be found in our “How to Save Kiwi” guide. Click here to view it on our youtube channel. 


Tree beings by Raymond Huber      Non Fiction (582.16)


Imagine if someone invented a machine that fights climate change, is powered by the sun, makes clean air for us, gives animals a home, grows delicious food, makes it rain, saves the soil, cleans up pollution, and is intelligent and beautiful! Hard to imagine something like that? Get ready to meet the tree... Tree Beings takes you inside the incredible world of the trees. You'll learn how they talk to each other and how forests enrich the whole planet. You'll also read about some of the amazing people who have made friends with trees. 

Abigail and the restlessby Matthew CrossmanC
Everyone walks awayby Eva LindstromL
Dharma the llamaby Matt CosgroveC
Sir Cumference and the Isle of Immeterby Cindy NeuschwanderN
The chicken thiefby Beatrice RodriguezR
Ride the windby Nicola DaviesD
What do you call your grandpa?by Ashley BartonB
The hug blanketby Chris GurneyG
Twinkle, tickle, little starby Anne HunterH


The faraway truthby Janae MarksMAR
The seriously extraordinaryby Emer StampSTA
The gobbledegook bookby Joy CowleyCOW
The midnight howlby Benjamin ReadREA
SS Penguin SOSby Adrienne FraterFRA

Whiti : colossal squid of the deepby Victoria Cleal594.5
The virusby Ben Martynoga616
David Attenboroughby Lizzie Huxley-Jones920 A
Queens: 3,000 years of the most incredible women in historyby Victoria Crossman929.7

We had to be braveby Deborah HopkinsHOP