Paremata School

Bring your own Device


BYOD Paremata School 

At Paremata School, we are moving towards greater integration of ICT across the curriculum allowing students to learn, create, share, and collaborate anywhere, at any time. This enables students to personalise their learning experience.

We will be continuing a BYOD strategy, similar to the one we have been operating since 2015, to ensure 1:1 and 1:2 access for our students.

·         All students use Chromebooks in Year 7/8. Parents can provide a chromebook for their child to use at school but this is not compulsory as the classes are well stocked with school owned devices.

  • Chromebooks only-Chromebooks are a robust device with a good battery life. They readily access the internet and the Google apps that are a key part of our digital learning platform. As they are internet based, they automatically update, and are less often affected by computer viruses and malware. As they use cloud-based storage, they are easy to reset and without loss of data. This makes them an easy device for students to manage, with minimal down time.
  • Bringing Your Own Device is restricted to Year 7 and 8s.  BYOD is optional at Year 5/6.The school will provide enough devices in classrooms for all children to have access.
  • Improved management and security - We have a good level of oversight of student activity when in their school Google accounts using the Hapara Dashboard, and excellent filtering of the internet when accessing from school.
  • Damage. We have very few incidents of damage to personal chromebooks. These will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Purchasing your BYO Chromebook

Noel Leeming offer a competitive school deal on their website however, parents are free to choose where they purchase their child’s device.

Parentlink Fundraising from the 2018 Gala, helped raise money to use towards purchasing more technology for the classrooms for 2019.  Each room will have more  chromebooks to use this year.