Paremata School

When did you last review your Life Insurance Policies?
Do you feel like you're paying too much?
Do you know what covers you have and what they actually cover?
Maybe you've realised just how much you rely on your income and want to protect that? Are you self employed and paying ACC levies that only cover you for accidents?
It's time to talk to Kate (Gray and Lucy's Mum) at Parka Insurances. "I am currently doing free Insurance Reviews of your personal insurances where we take a look over the covers and give you advice on which covers would work best for you". * Life * Health * Mortgage Repayment * Income * Trauma * ACC CoverPlus Extra * Key Person *
For every review completed by August, I will also donate $200 to Paremata School to help with fundraising due to the Gala cancellation this year.
Kate Harris, Parka Insurances 027 411 3003,