Paremata School

Books section:  both Adult and children's books & magazines available. In Rooms 7&8.

A huge favourite is the Toy section, don't miss out on a few deals here. Room 1a.

Craft section: located in the hall and Room 10 this year, why not have a look for a gift here.

Tuck into delicious food: Little India curry, Nachos, Sausages and Desserts.

Have loads of fun outdoors, with our array of exciting activities!

What's inside the Mystery Bottles? Choose your number and try your luck in the hall.

Lucky Dip: a huge favourite with the kids, sold out within the first couple of hours.

Sweets: homemade fudges and other treats produced by the families of the school. Head for Room 10.

And what about bidding on a Silent Auction, or trying your luck on the Quick Fire Raffle?  Come to the Hall.